Welcome to Centerville, Iowa!

Mayor's Welcome:

I invite you to experience “America’s Hometown.”  Our community of 5500 wonderful folks is located in America’s Heartland. The fabric of Centerville has been significantly influenced by events during its one hundred seventy years in existence.  Having witnessed the Mormon migration, the Civil War, WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, the emergence of agricultural mechanization, Vietnam, and the migration of farm population to the cities, led to development of a regional resolve, tempered by patriotism and solid morale conviction. This commitment to not just survive but also to prosper is becoming known as Midwestern, and locally as Centerville, tenacity.                                                                                                                                                                                

Today a wonderfully warm and caring community surrounds the “World’s Largest Square.” Significant infrastructure investments protect and preserve our parks, lakes, and hiking trails, as well as the many historical structures that make up our blessed community. Centerville has received regional and national recognition by being designated a Main Street Community and a military veteran-friendly and welcoming home-based community. 

We invite you to experience the unique shopping experience in our Historic Square District and beyond.  Whether working, playing, exploring or investing - make Centerville your hometown!  You’ll find our community is a microcosm of America.  We love celebrating our cultural and inherited roots; we take pride in our: excellent school system, including Indian Hills Community College; solid and growing light industrial base; a proactive Chamber of Commerce; a forward-thinking Economic Development Corporation; and a deeply committed Main Street Centerville organization.  However, our most valued and important asset is our warm and welcoming citizenry.

Centerville has a Mayor/Council form of government complemented with a fully energized and professional City Administrator.  The city administrative staff is small but dedicated, and our Public Safety and Public Works employees are tireless and steadfast in keeping the community safe. We also maintain a historic library and a regional airport.  It is our belief that the greater Centerville area benefits greatly from our commitment to maintain both the library and the airport with state-of-the-art amenities.

Our region is blessed with Rathbun Lake, a mere 10 miles north of town.  An 11,000 acre Corp of Engineers lake, with Honey Creek Resort and Golf Course, this has become a hub for not only outdoor enthusiasts but for vacation aficionados as well. 

Please accept my personal invitation to visit “America’s Hometown — Centerville, Iowa.”

I sincerely believe your experience here will be worth the effort.


Neil F. MacArthur


City of Centerville, Iowa Mission Statement
The Centerville City Government will provide the leadership to unite all who share a vested interest in the excellence of our community. By learning from our history, preserving our heritage, and addressing the needs of an ever-changing lifestyle, our efforts are to enhance the total community.